apartment must have : a disco ball!

by Kaylah Stroup

Last year I discovered the joy of rainbows in my apartment. Two suncatchers and some crystals hanging in the window means that when the sun is shining my apartment is filled with tiny rainbows. It’s nothing short of magic. Honestly, it’s one of my favorite things in the whole world. I had no idea silly little rainbows could make me so happy. You’d think after some amount of time they’d have lost their charm but I’m still just as amused by them as the first time I saw them.

I’ve known that set in direct sunlight a disco ball would be equally enchanting but I’d basically written them off because if there is one thing that doesn’t fit my decor style, it’s a disco ball! The suncatchers, and crystals I have in the windows are fairly inconspicuous. They’re small, and to be honest, I never really notice them. A disco ball, on the other hand, is a little bit harder to miss. I had no idea where I’d put it, how to display it, etc.

A few weeks ago, I couldn’t resist the appeal any longer. I bought an 8-inch mirror balland guess what! I should have done it so much sooner! The first day I put it out in the sunlight had me rapid fire texting Jeff “Oh my gosh, disco ball is life. This is the best thing everrrr!”

disco ball apartment, mirror ball light

unrelated – this dress, y’all! it’s perfect!

So, how am I hiding the disco ball and making it fit my style a little bit better? Truth be told, I’m not.

Like I said, one of my biggest concerns with buying a mirror ball was where in the world it’d fit into my decor style. Well, it doesn’t but you guys, the light it throws off into the room makes me 100% not care at all what it looks like. Instead of hanging it somewhere or giving it a permanent home I’ve found the way to best utilize it is to move it from room to room as the sun moves through the sky.

In the morning, sunlight fills the kitchen which means the disco ball goes on the kitchen table. A little bit later in the day my living room is sunshine central, the ball goes on my table in there. Finally, in the evenings, sun comes in my office so I’ll bring the disco ball in there.

I’m well aware that what I just described sounds like a pain in the butt. If I had read that before buying it, I probably wouldn’t have been convinced. Obviously it’s not necessary to drag the disco ball from room to room but my point was that this thing I would consider kind of tacky looking doesn’t have to become a main piece of decoration in any one place. It does it’s job and then I move it.

Magical, right?!

I’m absolutely obsessed with all the fun things that happen here when the sun shines. Rainbows and specks of light covering the walls always bring a smile to my face. It’s one of the few things that is guaranteed to make me stop and just appreciate the moment. I think everyone could use something like that…

Everything else aside, if you have a cat and get direct sunlight in your home you should just go ahead and buy a mirrorball for your cat. Professor is OBSESSED. You should hear him chatter when this thing lights up the room.

You can read more about the rainbows filling my apartment + find lots more photos here.

Updated 8/17 – Still loving this, so much so that I purchased a 4-inch disco ball as well. This one I don’t move around, it has a permanent home on my pencil cactus. It obviously doesn’t throw as much light as the one twice it’s size but it’s still great! I’d definitly recommend picking up a smaller one if you aren’t sold on a big one that you move around your home.

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