wedding talk pt. 2

We’re actually a lot closer to 3 months at this point…

Its been about two months since my last post talking about wedding plans. I’m not sure I have too much to report back on but I also feel like if I don’t share a little bit about my current plans and feelings I’m gonna be kicking myself a year from now!

Right now we’re sitting at just under 100 days left until the big day. It’s definitely coming up fast. I can’t believe we’re in the double digit numbers already. I have a feeling the remaining days will go even faster.

Some big things…

I bought a dress! Well, actually I bought two dresses. One was definitely not the dress. It was a huge headache. I felt really awful – blah blah blah – but then I found THE dress. This dress is a dreeeeam! It’s 100% not what I was picturing myself in but the second I tried it on I knew it was the one. It’s a very ~me~ dress. I can’t wait to wear it. I wrote a whole big post on my dress fiasco but you’ll have to wait to read that until after the wedding.

I bought the perfect shoes! Shoes weren’t actually a huge deal to me. I figured I’d just get something cute + comfy. Then I found the absolute perfect pair that match my dress like a dream. Best of all, they’re from a small business so they feel really special. I still haven’t received them in the mail but I’m dying to try them on with the dress.

We found a photographer! Wooo! This was honestly my second biggest stress causing thing right after finding a dress. Photos are a huge deal to both of us. It took a while but we found someone who both agreed takes gorgeous photos and can definitely capture the vision we have for our wedding. It felt really good to pay that deposit and know that that was taken care of.

January 2017

Some things I need to buy/do still…

A skirt for my dress. The dress I bought, while it is full length, doesn’t have a full enough skirt. I found a handful of folks who make exactly what I’m picturing. It’s really just a matter of choosing which maker to go with. I’m a little nervous here but fairly confident things will turn out more than perfect.

A bouquet. Remember, nontraditional wedding here so I only need a bouquet for myself. No other flowers. My original idea was to buy a variety of flowers from a store like Trader Joe’s and make my own bouquet. Ya know, something fun to do with all the ladies the night before the wedding while we hung out in the hotel. Then I got nervous that the flower selection might not be good enough. I ended up finding a florist about 20 minutes away from our hotel that I looooove! They make bouquets that are essentially exactly what I was picturing. Right now the plan is to contact them but who knows, I might change my mind and wing it! Once again, not something I’m super stressed about. Obviously it will feel really good to cross this off my to-do list though!

Figure out the aisle and altar situation. Long story short here, after finding the dress my whole idea for what our ‘altar’ would look like changed. Part of me feels like this doesn’t really matter and that we don’t need one at all because the location is cool enough. Then the other part of me feels like there has to be an easy, travel + budget friendly idea that my wedding won’t be complete without.

July 2014

Some things stressing me out…

I still haven’t found someone to do my hair or make up! Gah! I know I’m overthinking this one but you guys it is so hard to make a decision that is essentially based on instagram photos. I’m positive that I want someone else to do my hair and make up but I also have a hard time letting that control go to a stranger. So far searches on wedding websites, on google, on instagram, and other random task websites have left me empty handed. I’m sure there is hidden gem out there, it’s just a matter of finding them. If you happen to be someone who does hair or make up in northern/central AZ or are willing to make a drive there, holler!

My to-do list is stressing me out… I guess? Just like that last time I talked about wedding plans and what was stressing me out, I can’t really pin point very many specific things. There are so many little things on my wedding to-do list and that bothers me. I hate knowing that I have something to do, I just like to get things done. I’m overjoyed that the wedding is coming up so quickly so that we can just get to the fun part. I most certainly don’t enjoy wedding planning. I can’t imagine being one of those people who plans one for years! A short engagement was definitely the right choice for us.

More exciting things…

▴ We’ve booked a few hotel stays including the most important room of our trip, ~the wedding night!~
▴ Almost all our friends and family have booked their rooms as well! Hearing that makes it all feel so much more real.
▴ I’ve spent some time on Google Street View and identified a few areas I really want to get photos. I’m getting married out west – obviously I want some wedding portraits with saguaros!
▴ I bought Jeff’s wedding band. I have never been so excited to spend money in my life.
▴ We asked my brother to get ordained so that he could officiate. He said yes! This was actually Jeff’s idea. The fact that he loves my family so much makes my heart feel like it’s gonna explode.

November 2014

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  • I can’t believe how fast life goes. It feels like just yesterday you guys moved into your apartment and then a minute ago you were engaged… but the wedding is SO CLOSE! I’m sure everything will work out. Makeup and hair can be a pain in the butt, for sure. I LOVE getting my hair and make up done… for fun. For an actual event? I’m just really familiar with my own face and hair so other people get in my way… that being said, letting someone do it for you on the day will be a million times easier (plus you can sip champagne like a queen whilst they do it). Considering everything else is going well I’m thinking this will work out too! (positivity, yay!)
    Can’t wait to see all the pictures!!!!!! <3

    • I probably wouldn’t be so dead set on getting my hair and make up done by someone else had I not gotten my makeup done professionally before. Only once but it was seriously SO nice! It was hella relaxing, and she nailed my eyeliner. If there’s any day I should be getting that sort of pampering, it’s my wedding day! 🙂

  • I’ve never been so excited to attend a wedding in my life (and likely won’t ever be again)! Can’t wait to see it all come together!!

  • Gah! I’m so excited for you! I’ve never been to Arizona, but I’ve always wanted to see the Saguaros so hopefully I’ll get out there sometime soon. Your wedding sounds so dreamy, and that’s awesome about your brother officiating! How sweet!!! 😊

  • Okay I have an idea for your altar. Do you ever watch Gilmore Girls? They had a chuppah when Lorelai got married, and Luke (her fiance) carved it. (google Gilmore Girls Chuppah on images to see it) It’s way cool, and I was thinking, since your dad seems to be really good with his hands maybe he (or someone else you know) could carve you something like that to stand under, they could do it in a way that it could come apart into pieces for traveling or shipping. Just an idea 🙂 (then you could put it in your garden when you have a house!)

  • I am so weirdly excited to hear more about your wedding. I’m 99% sure it’s going to be the coolest wedding I’ve ever seen pictures of, so I cannot wait!

    • Hehe! Well don’t get too excited. We really are just doing the bare minimum aside from traveling somewhere cool. 😛

  • I was actually able to get all my flowers for my wedding from a local flower farm! It was SUPER affordable & kept everything in season (I sent the farmer images of what I liked for my bouquet/misc arrangements around the venue in advance, and had her do the best she could based on that.) Because of that I also made my own bouquet after watching a few youtube videos 🙂

    • Nah, I LOVE real flowers and definitely want to use them just not sure which route I want to go in obtaining them yet.

  • I had my bridesmaids help put together all the bouquets the day before. It took a little longer than expected, but I was also doing center pieces along with bouquets. I thought it was pretty fun! We used a local produce chain called Produce Junction, but I would recommend (if possible) doing a test run before hand. I guess it wouldn’t be a big deal if you are using Trader Joe’s but you might want to call and ask how their flower selection is (at the location you plan on using)

    I think you made a good decision doing a short engagement. We did a LONG one! (although we got married in New Jersey, and being between two major cities, thing are booked for awhile) I don’t think it is much less stressful because I remember being stressed all the time, but because there wasn’t much I COULD do! XD I can’t wait to see everything put together. I hope it will laid back and fun for you!