11 years

The end of this month marks Squid’s 11th birthday!

Up until about a week ago I thought she was turning ten this year buuut that’s neither here nor there. I apparently don’t understand simple math.

Squid doesn’t get much air time on The Dainty Squid. I mean, this whole thing is named after her so that counts for something, right? Everything I would normally say about her has recently been proven wrong. I wrote all about her big changes in this post about how the animals have been thriving in our new apartment. It’s her birthday though so it seems only right to share a little bit more about the sweetest little black kitten in the world…

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For the first ten years of her life, Squid was a quiet cat. She was reserved, and mostly kept to herself. She had never been particularly mean or agressive toward the other animals but you could tell she’d rather be left alone. In hindsight, she’d have most likely preferred to be an only cat. But how are you supposed to know these things? If you were visiting and didn’t know I had two cats you’d probably never figure out I had a second. She liked me, and only me. Period.

This last year though? She’s a different cat. I’ve even joked that we must have somehow accidentally lost her and picked up a new black cat in the move. I never felt like she was unhappy, just shy. She has definitely come out of her cocoon this last year!

Squid is so talkative these days. She’s never had a normal meow, just some silly little noises she squeaks out but they’ve been louder and more frequent than ever. Just like Professor, if you talk to her, she’ll almost always respond back. She often comes up to me at my desk, gently taps me on the arm, and lets out a few squeaks to let me know she needs pet. It’s heartbreakingly cute.

One of the biggest changes is that she actually plays with Professor now. If you hadn’t noticed from his photos, Professor is an absolute character. He’s constantly darting around the house, meowing up a storm – normally alone. In the last six months or so, Squid has started running around with him. They chase each other around the house daily! Totally normal cat stuff but it’s a huge deal to see Squid doing it. She’s acting like a kitten!

It seems like every other week we have a big development. First, she started cuddling with Professor then I woke up one morning and she was laying with Klaus!!! (That obviously made my whole day!) She wants to cuddle all. the. time. and almost always follows Jeff or I from room to room. It’s so sweet to see this kitty who was so shy, and would rarely sit in my lap become this cuddle crazed meow machine. It makes me so happy to see her obviously living her best life.

Here’s to many more years with you, Squid! Fingers crossed you only get more playful, and more cuddly as time passes.

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