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Just over a year ago I wrote a post giving a little update on how their animals were adjusting to life in the new apartment. I re-read that post quite often. Moving into this apartment with Jeff was a huge deal, not only because it was us moving in together for the first time but we found the most perfect little spot exactly where we wanted to be in the city. The pets adjusting super quickly was the icing on the cake!

A little recap here; When I moved to my first apartment alone back in 2014, the cats hid in the litter box for nearly a week. They were absolutely terrified and were honestly quite skittish the entire time I lived there. In my next apartment they hid for a few days after moving but quickly warmed up, and made the place their own. With this move, I expected they’d hide for a few days then everything would go back to normal. I was mistaken. There was no hiding and almost immediately they were out exploring their new surroundings. Its obvious they are SO happy here, and were from basically the second they walked in.

Jeff, Squid, Professor, Klaus, and I have been living together for a year and three months now. In this short period of time, all three animals have transformed into the sweetest, cuddliest versions of themselves. It’s been absolutely incredible.

Professor Stingray!

How much the animals have changed and just how happy they seem these days is basically a daily conversation between Jeff and I. It’s not that they were ever visibly unhappy or weren’t friendly but this last year they’ve just blossomed. All three are by our side at essentially every possible moment, not in an annoying or needy way, just a loving way.

One of the earliest big things that happened after moving in was both of the cats becoming more and more comfortable with Klaus. They went from not even wanting to be in the same room with him to not minding when he hops up by them on the couch. Professor even lays on top of Klaus some evenings. Let me repeat that – PROFESSOR LAYS ON TOP OF KLAUS. 

They still don’t really lay together without either Jeff or I to bridge the gap but if there’s a human present they’re totally cool with touching! What used to be a huge deal – the three of them on one surface like the bed or couch together – is a daily occurrence!

The biggest change has absolutely been with Squid though! She is a different cat. It’s incredible!

Squid and I have been together ten years this summer. She’s always been a very reserved cat. The kind of cat that non cat lovers would assume all cats are like. She had one person she liked – me. She kept to herself, never really snuggling with any other animals. If company came around, she’d be out of sight. She even had a few little quirks like never sitting on my lap unless she was invited up AND I had a blanket on my lap. She was just a very quite, shy baby.

Squid since living in this apartment is essentially the opposite. She’s so talkative, and so so affectionate. The second she sees Jeff and I sit down on the couch together she immediately darts over and has to find some way to lay across both of us. Most evenings you can find her on top of us while we spoon and watch X-Files. She went from never wanting to be held to letting us hold her basically whenever. She likes to look out the window while you hold her. She even comes out when we have company over. WHAAAAT?!

The other huge thing is that she’s no longer just my cat. If anything, she might like Jeff more than she likes me! She follows him everywhere and is constantly squeaking at him to get his attention. They’ve been so buddy buddy these last few months I have legitimately been jealous a couple times. That just sounds ridiculous but you should see that way she looks at him! Hah!

It’s just so amazing that after so long I’m getting to see this totally new cat. She’s more relaxed than she’s ever been in her life and I am so happy for her!

“pet meeeeee!”

So, yeah, I just can’t get over how happy the animals are right now. It makes me feel good to see them so relaxed. Seeing these changes gives me hope that maybe, just maybe, the cats cuddling with Klaus without a human buffer is still a possibility! Fingers crossed!

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  • Oh man, this makes me so happy! I wonder if their joint experiences of moving has made them more like a family? Like they know you guys are all sticking together; “We’ve been here before guys, it was scary at first but we totally got this!”

    • Aw, that could be!

      Or maybe just after five years the cats are finally accepting the fact that Klaus is here to stay. 😛

  • Reading that made me happy, and I don’t even know your babies!
    I have a theory though – Jeff coming into your life made YOU happier, better, relaxed and positive version of yourself, and, naturally, animals sence that – energies and vibes and all that! So of course, it affectsthem positively as well! The more time passes, the more this will happen, you’ll see!
    It’s no wonder there’s a saying that pets and their owners are very similar 🙂

    • I’ve definitely had that same thought! Squid and I are A LOT a like. It sounds nuts but we’re seriously so similar.