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abandoned kitchen

Every time I think there’s nothing new to explore in this city we end up finding something wonderful. Most recently – this place!

My history with this building complex began around the time I moved to Cleveland. We were doing a lot of exploring, getting out nearly every weekend to take photos. This place was a suggestion from a friend but on the morning we showed up there was what appeared to be a realtor showing off the property. Obviously having anyone on the property while we wanted to explore would have caused us to stop and rethink our plans but a realtor, to me at least, meant that the buildings were in good enough shape to be sold and probably weren’t exactly as abandoned as we expected.

Four-ish year pass and I randomly thought of this place when brainstorming what we could do the following weekend. After scoping it out, we were positive it’d be doable.

Based on the decay, I’m going to assume it was in pretty rough shape four years ago as well but who knows! Whatever the case, I’m happy to finally have it under my belt. It easily ranks among my favorites for a handful of reasons. One huge one being that it was FULL of stuff. Empty abandoned buildings are fine and dandy but stuff left behind really makes a building for me. There were stacks of chairs, hundreds of bottle caps, miscellaneous household items, boxes upon boxes of files, and so much more.

flag in an abandoned building

It’s always exciting to get to explore something new, especially when no one in the group has been there before. The first building we entered wasn’t terribly interesting but things quickly started to look up after we popped into the second building. It was like every door we entered, and every corner we rounded had something that made at least one of us say “Oh my gosh!” (Usually me because I’m super easily amused…)

If I had shot more photos, I could have easily broken this down into multiple posts and no one would have ever guessed it was all the same place. Every section was so different from the last.


Before we had pulled away I was already saying ‘I’m ready to go back!’ There was just so much to see. It was hard to try to photograph it as well as I wanted while still also checking the place out for the very first time. Hopefully it won’t be another four years before we head back.

If you havenโ€™t gotten your fill of dilapidated buildings โ€“ check out the tag โ€œabandonedโ€ for more posts!

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  • I feel like you probably get questions like this a lot, and perhaps I missed a post/comment about it in the past, but do you and your fellow explorers do anything to protect yourself from things like asbestos? I’ve only ever explored one abandoned building complex, and the entire time I was basically have an anxiety attack about it,