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I don’t know about you but the words “I wonder what the animals do while we’re gone” has come out of my mouth more than a few times. Probably like 500 times, at least. Professor is an absolute nut. He runs back and forth across the house constantly. Squid, on the other hand, is a bit more secretive. She has a funny little habit of quitting and acting casual if you catch her playing. She’s very coy! And Klaus, who knows what the dweeb is up to while I’m not around for him to squeak a ball at. Jeff has mentioned quite a few times how fun it’d be to have a camera so we could see what they’re up to at all times but the idea of looking into it and finding the best one never really topped my to-do list.

Then came the Ooma Butterfleye, a sleek little camera that you can live stream from your smartphone! It has facial recognition, automatic arm and disarm based on your GPS location, and you can even talk through the camera at whoever might be in your home (a feature very confusing to my poor dog!) With the help of built-in storage and battery backup, it works during power and internet outages. It’s motion activated so it only starts recording when something moves at which point you’ll get an alert on your phone ‘motion was detected’ All of that topped with a nice clear image makes it basically everything you could ever want in a home security camera. Sounds awesome, right?

Jeff and I both really love traveling but the one thing we hate is not being able to see the kitties. We get photos of Klaus from my mom but the cats hide from our pals who keep an eye on them so we never get pictures of them while we’re gone. Obviously, using the camera to see that our home is safe and sound is wonderful but I truly do love being able to check in on the cats.

We’ve had the Ooma butterfleye for just under a month now. I’m enjoying it more and more every day. It was super easy to set up after the battery charged for a bit. The app walks you through the short process and within minutes it’s up and running!

The camera actually showed up right before we left on our New England road trip. The timing couldn’t have been more perfect. We’d barely been gone an hour before I was checking on the cats. I was immediately super impressed with how nice the image was. It was so comforting to see that they were enjoying some alone time, napping in the sunshine. Nearly every time we stopped for food or coffee we spent at least a little bit of time watching them nap or aimlessly walk around the living room. We even got to watch our friends look for Squid and Professor under the couch when they came over to feed them. Sadly, we hadn’t figured out how to talk through the camera yet at that point. I didn’t realize you just had to turn your phone sideways to get the full-screen image and mic button.

Even when we won’t be gone for long periods of time, being able to check on the house and my pets is awesome and such a nice peace of mind. Jeff and I have already been chatting about how nice it’d be to get another camera or two to set up in some other rooms in our home. I’m hooked!

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