that time I bought an Xbox One on a whim…

Back in July, on Prime Day, Jeff and I made the split second decision to buy an Xbox One. Okay, so, it wasn’t that split second of a decision. We’d been talking about buying a new gaming system for a while. We both own a Wii (not like we needed separate ones, they’re from before we moved in together) but as big of a Nintendo fan as I am, I’ll be the first to admit their game selection is kind of weak. I basically only stuck with them for so long because I’m obsessed with the Zelda franchise. I also was under the assumption that other platforms only offered things for people who like first person shooter games. I love playing video games but I wasn’t sure there was a place for me in that world. Nothing I was able to see on the surface was really that appealing.

So, we’d been tossing around the idea of buying a new system for a while but couldn’t really decide on which one to go with. The idea of playing video games together is fun, and it’s something nice to do while we escape the heat in the only air conditioned room of our apartment, the bedroom.  We’d looked briefly into the different platforms we could go with but could only come up with a few games from each one to play and that just didn’t seem worth it. We’d talk about it, get excited, and then realize it was probably a waste of money.

On Prime Day we got to talking about it again. I was browsing Amazon and spotted that they had the Xbox One as one of the deals. It was marked down significantly and we had a pretty big gift card left over from Christmas. The starter package we were looking at came with 3 months of Xbox game pass and a download of Rare Replay. It felt like a no brainer! We pulled the trigger and two days later we were setting up our new gaming system!

BTW this striped sweatshirt is TOO comfortable.

A little over a month later, I’m still feeling like this was a good purchase. Maybe even a better one than I was expecting! Having a free trial to Xbox game pass is awesome. As someone completely new to a platform, it’s invaluable. It’s essentially Netflix but for games. We can download anything on there and play it for free as much as we’d like. It’s the perfect way to test out a bunch of games and get a better idea of what you actually like. I quickly realized there’s a whole big world of video games out there that appealed to me.

Two games have really stuck out to me so far…

Human: Fall Flat

Hilarious, infuriating, and stupid are all some words that come to mind when I think of Human: Fall Flat. Described as ‘an open-ended physics based puzzle game’, this game is all about pushing stuff, pulling stuff, and climbing stuff all to make it from point A to point B. The levels are fairly quick… as long as you don’t keep making the same mistake over and over again. The character is hilariously hard to control. He’s basically a drunk baby which is annoying and at the same time, exactly what makes it so fun. It’s the most fun when playing with someone else but can definitely be played alone. I love playing it with Jeff because we just spend most of the time laughing at each other’s character and how stupid they’re moving. It’s a blast!

Check out the gameplay trailer. Available on Nintendo Switch, Xbox One and PS4, as well as Mac, Windows, and Linux.

The Flame in the Flood

The Flame in the Flood is a survival adventure game. You raft from island to island with your dog foraging, crafting and evading predators. It’s a challenging game that took me quite a while to get the hang of. If you’re not careful, it’s easy to make one wrong move that will end up killing you. Once I finally fully understood the game I was hooked. I like it so much that immeidately after beating it the first time, I started a new game. It’s so much fun, and the graphics are just beautiful.

Check out the trailer. Available on PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, Mac and Windows.

Do you have an Xbox One? Tell me about some of your favorite games! As the weather continues to get cooler and cooler, I know I’ll be playing more!

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  • If you like Physics-based games, I have a feeling you would love Portal and Portal 2! It also has a really dry humor that makes the game enjoyable start to finish. I tend to gravitate towards action/adventure games, so Tomb Raider does it for me. Main storyline + collectibles + side quests helps wind down after work. Also helps with my Zelda obsession while I quietly debate buying a Nintendo switch every day.

  • based on your games recommended i suggest you try “Don’t Starve” and my personal favorite “Plant’s vs. Zombies – Garden Warfare”. My husband and I play Don’t Starve daily and PVZ was something I have played all 3 version over the last 4 years. Only recently got “bored” with PVZ. Both have multiplayer online options, but its not at all necessary.

    • Don’t Starve looks super cute! I’ll definitely have to look more into that. Thank you!

      Is PVZ basically the same as the phone version that was super popular a while back? Or is it more involved?

      • the Xbox One version of “Garden Warfare” is a more FPS game. Its the first FPS game that I’ll actually play with my husband cause i”m not normally a fan of mass “killing” in games, but its funny, adorable, multiplayer live options (which keeps it never boring), but it also has mini games within. Like slowly hunting down 300 gnomes hidden within the game. It’s the 3rd generation of PVZ. The original system game was kind of a strategy game, which i think is what the phone app was, but i never played the app – to be sure.

  • I am interested in the similar games as yourself and would recommend you try Portal 1 or 2 ( and Unravel ( Portal is similar to Human: Flat Fall, you play as one of 2 robots set to work their way through levels by using portals and physics. Unravel is a puzzle game as well where you’re a yarn person collecting memories and working your way through the levels with your yarn. Happy gaming!

    • You’re the second person to recommend Portal so I will definitely give that more thought!

      I saw Unravel in the game pass library! It caught my attention but then I got distracted by other games. I think I’ll have to get that next.

      Thank you!!

  • Minecraft, Terraria, Cuphead, The Wolf Among Us, Rime, Overcooked, Firewatch, Octodad: Dadliest Catch, Oxenfree, Rogue Legacy, Gone Home, Inside, Stardew Valley, Broken Age, Child of Light, Contrast, Crypt of the Necrodancer,

  • I also have an Xbox One! I like playing Minecraft and Skyrim. Those always seem to occupy my time when I play so I haven’t tried out any games that have come out recently, haha.