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The Dainty Squid globe collection

Something you may have noticed from my photos, particularly the ones on Instagram, is that I collect globes. You may also know that if you’ve been reading for a while because a few years back I actually shared a post about my globe collection. (Check that out here.) Since that post, I’ve gained a few new additions to my collection, and I’ve moved into a new apartment.

I stumbled upon that old post a little while back and had the idea to do an updated version. I think it’s really interesting how different a collection can look based on how it’s displayed. This apartment? It came with the PERFECT way to display my globes. Unlike my old apartment, where they were scattered about in different rooms, the majority of my collection is in one spot now. The top of my kitchen cabinets and fridge display all but four of my globes.

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Of the remaining four not in the kitchen, three are grouped together in my living room and the last is in my bedroom. Honestly, if the one in my bedroom, a pedestal globe, would fit in the kitchen that’s definitely where it’d be. Alas, there’s no room on top of the fridge for it!

The three in my living room are all moon globes. Going through my collection it’s easy to say “that’s my favorite!” I love them all. I have at least eight ‘favorites’ but the moons ones count as three of those. They’re just really unique pieces. Generally, they’re much more expensive and harder to find than globes of the Earth. I feel pretty lucky to have gotten my paws on these. Two found at an estate auction and gifted to me by my parents, and the third a gift from my husband!

My globes have all been collected from estate sales, garage sales, and auctions. A few have been received as a gift as well, as I mentioned above. I’m very thrifty when it comes to my collections, and this one is no exception. The price of globes seems to have really increased since I started collecting but honestly, that’s probably a good thing. I’ve definitely slowed down these days, making purchases with a lot more thought instead of just buying any globe I see. These days I prefer them made of metal, and less than the standard size of 12 inches. (Mostly because smaller means I can have more of them but goodness knows, if presented with another large one I wouldn’t turn it down!) I’m still hoping to find the unicorn of globes, the Mars globe, for dirt cheap! I definitely wouldn’t mind a few more moon globes either.

I’ve been collecting globes for probably around seven years now. Just like anything else, there is an ebb and flow to my obsession. Sometimes I’m actively hunting every chance I get, but most of the time I just let them come to me. I was pretty happy with my collection until I started working on this post. After taking photos, I started browsing the internet and trying to convince myself there was definitely room for another few above my cabinets. They just look so darn pretty grouped together!

Holding my largest, smallest and of one of my favorite metal ones!

Some vintage globes I’ve got my eye on…

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