abandoned church

by Kaylah Stroup
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Another leave-the-house-before-the-sun-even-rises weekend adventure. This time, an abandoned church.

We had actually scoped this place out a couple of years back but couldn’t find a way inside. I didn’t realize that’s where we were heading on this trip or else I might have protested. I woke up moments before we drove past and immediately spotted exactly how we’d get inside. It was comically easy, especially considering how tightly it was sealed on our previous visit. It’s incredible how quickly a building can go from useable to completely wrecked once it’s abandoned.

The most interesting thing to me about this church was, without a doubt, the stained glass windows! I’ve been in my handful of abandoned churches but never one with this many gorgeous, colorful windows. This spot has been abandoned for a while and suffered quite a bit because of it. There was a massive hole in the middle of the floor, the drywall from the ceiling and walls is missing and the balcony was threatening to collapse but surprisingly the majority of the windows were intact. I’m not sure how much longer they’ll last before vandals destroy them though. I hope someone saves them!

abandoned church with stained glass windows
abandoned church in Ohio

Aside from the gorgeous windows, there wasn’t too much to see. Just a giant empty room and a dark empty basement. Seems like we were a little late, photos from just a couple years back show the church with white walls and pews. I’m curious what it’ll look like in another year.

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