abandoned church

abandoned church

The very first abandoned building I ever shared photos of on The Dainty Squid was a church. That church is now long gone, and I’ve got a few more under my belt since then but they still haven’t lost their charm to me. Next to schools, I think they might be my favorite type of abandoned building to explore and photograph. Just something special about them!

Feeling like we’ve seen everything abandoned there is to safely see in Cleveland, we haven’t been getting out too much to explore lately. It definitely felt good to discover this hidden gem! An empty church* is always exciting but finding one with so much left behind was a real treat. Hymnals, empty offering envelopes complete with names and amounts written on them, and service programs littered the church. The pastor’s office was especially full of interesting items including a portrait of him and his wife (which if we’re being real here seems a little rude of him to leave behind, right?)

I don’t really have any information on this church or why it closed, all I can offer you today are some pretty photographs…

abandoned pews abandoned church

*Beautiful empty church shot can be found here.

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