10 favorite photos of 2017 from abandoned places

We’re already ten days into the new year but someone’s super smart brain just remembered a few end of the year round ups they forgot to do. For the past few years, along with the thousand other round ups I do, I share my favorite 10 abandoned spots of the year. You can find all those linked at the bottom of thi post! This year was probably my least active exploring year but I still took more than a handful of photos I’m really stoked about. Since I didn’t share full blog posts on all of these places, I thought it might be fun to make a list of my favorite ten photos from abandoned places taken in 2017.

This shot is definitely one of a couple that inspired me to write this post. I’ve shared many photos of the abandoned trailer park on The Dainty Squid over the past few years but this is easily my favorite shot! That is just such an intense cobweb. It looks like something straight out of a movie set. I really hope no one disturbs it and it only continues to get creepier.

ohio, the dainty squid

An abandoned train car Jeff and I stumbled upon while out driving around one day. This was such a fun find. We parked the car at a random park, hiked through the woods, hopped over a stream, and crossed a huge field before finally reaching it. There wasn’t much to see but I think the journey was worth it for this photo.

An abandoned mill in Utah. The views this spot offered were incredible! I’m pretty pleased with all my photos from here but I’m especially fond of this one. Having Jeff in the shot just helps show how massive these ruins really were.

A local spot that I only managed to get a few photos I liked of during our short visit. Seeing this shot again though makes me wish I had shared the rest instead of just burying them on my harddrive. Maybe I should just revisit…

Such an epic find! While the church itself was fairly empty just being able to see something so grand in this state was truly a wild experience! More photos from this little adventure can be found here.

It was hard to choose a favorite from the abandoned china factory. I took a lot of photos there that I truly enjoy but this one really sticks out to me. Such a waste. I can’t believe the amount of stuff left behind here.

The abandoned rubber factory – yet another spot I had lots of photos from that I really loved. Yet this time, choosing a favorite was easy. I don’t know what it is but I am always drawn to collections of things. I’m also super intriqued by the number of shoes found in abandoned buildings. This photo shows off both those things.

A random shot of Jeff in one of Cleveland’s most popular abandoned buildings. It’s easy to get into and there isn’t much left but boy, do I love this shot!

This abanonded hospital, where I shot haphazardly, never once setting up my tripod, yielded a ton of great photos. I feel like I really captured just how grimpy, damp, and sort of creepy this spot was. Nothing beats a spooky staircase!


Drum roll please! My favorite of the year is obviously this video from Cisco! As if you didn’t see that one coming, right?

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