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Over the weekend my buds and I made plans to wake up early and explore an abandoned hospital. Waking up at 4:45 am is never really all that fun but I can definitely make exceptions when it comes to this stuff. Jeff and I had actually checked out the hospital a week or two prior, popping inside briefly to take some photos. We spent less than an hour and left  feeling like we hadn’t seen even a portion of the building. It’s certainly not the largest abandoned hospital I’ve been in. Most of the equipment, furniture, and other odds and ends from inside have already been removed. Still, there is so much to see.

On my second trip there, I shot haphazardly never once actually setting up my tripod. For some reason I wasn’t feeling it. I guess I just didn’t see anything that was begging to be photographed despite the fact I had wanted so badly to get back to this hospital.

It was kind of a surprise when I got home, sorted my photos and ended up finding so many that I really really liked. The only problem was that my normal editing process, which is extremely simple and quick, wasn’t working. The shots were great but my editing wasn’t doing them justice.

I decided to just throw caution to the wind. I began fooling around with different looks and eventually ended up with what you see here. These are so far from my regular editing style yet I’m completely in love. This building is absolutely wrecked. It’s soggy. Scrappers have stolen any and everything of value. There’s no saving it now, especially in the neighborhood its in. I feel like these photos really convey that. They definitely give you a glimpse of just how grimy it is inside.

sunny abandoned building, curtains, broken window abandoned hospital

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