a few of my favorites from 2017 – part two

body talktalking about my struggles with body image.

seven magic mountains one of my favorite road trip stops of the year!

six months + six reasons – a post from mine and Jeffrey’s six month anniversary of living together. I’m still swooning over this photo of him and Squid.

engagement story – Cisco, UTone of the most exciting times of my entire life!!!

found on the beachI made many colorful arrangements on the beach this year but this one was easily my favorite.

international car forest of the last churchanother incredible road trip find! Still stoked about this shot. What a perfect little model that jackrabbit was.

where I workmy office in the new apartment! It’s already changed so much…

it’s the little thingsKlaus + mud = the happiest puppy ever!

rainbows in my homeSO. DANG. MAGICAL!

earlobe reconstruction another massive highlight of my year! Still can’t stop staring at my ears in the mirror.

the timeline mythEveryone has a different timeline. This post is just a quick reminder that it’s all good to do things when it feels right for YOU!

Just a short list of a few of my favorite personal posts from 2017. Check out part one here. Thank you so much for stopping by to read The Dainty Squid. I love you all!!! xoxo

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