collection of curiosities 2019

by Kaylah Stroup

Its been a while since I shared any photos of my cabinet of curiosities! Although I’ve shared photos of my living room in this apartment, I haven’t even taken any specifically of my curiosities. These last few weeks I’ve been on a spring cleaning kick so when I dusted everything off here and rearranged I knew it was time to get some updated photos. (That living room post definitely needs updated as well! Soon!)

I’m essentially at the point where I have so much stuff in my collection of weird stuff (skulls, taxidermy, misc bones, medical models, etc) that I have my own mini museum. I even have a good portion of stuff stored away because there simply isn’t room in this apartment to display it. My dream home definitely includes a room with tons and tons of shelves that can be used to show off my oddities.

Even though I live with these things and see them literally every single day, seeing them like this gets me excited about them all over again!

My braces!
Whiskers from Klaus, Professor + Squid

Sources – The cabinet is a lucky auction find. It cost a whopping ten dollars. Most items were found at auctions, estate sales, random websites across the internet, the trash (seriously…), and sometimes folks are even nice enough to send me things that would fit in my collection perfectly.

I’ve compiled more related finds here if you’re in the market for some oddities of your own.