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It’s been nearly a full year since Jeff and I moved into an apartment together. The most perfect lil apartment there ever could be! The first room we ‘finished’ decorating was the living room. ‘Finished’ because is a room ever truly done? No! I think it’s safe to say we both consider this our favorite room of the whole apartment. All our favorite things are displayed in this room. It’s where we spend the most time, and where we feel most truly at home.

I had been avoiding photographing it for a while now because I truly don’t think photos do it justice. Every time I’d start to take photos for this post I’d feel like the room was just missing something. In reality, while hanging out in the room, I could never figure out what that thing was though. Then the other day I randomly took a picture of the room that inspired me to finally give shooting it another try aaaand here we are now! Enjoy!

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couch – Thrive Furniture (no longer in business?)
eye pillowFancy Clancy
plus sign pillow – Amazon
Nearly everything else was picked up second hand at an estate sale, thrift store, or in the case of my boar taxidermy – rescued from the trash.

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