5 things I tried in May

by Kaylah Stroup

GoPro Hero7 Black. For our five year anniversary I bought Jeff a GoPro. A month later, I ended up buying myself as well because I enjoyed using his so much. I’ve been wanting to play around with making videos for… like ever. I’ve just felt like there was too much to learn and I wanted to just be good at it automatically. I’m not sure what it is about the GoPro that makes me feel so excited about learning but I’m super inspired. I am very excited about this purchase.

As for actual product notes on this, I’m very happy I sprung for the Hero7 Black instead of the Gray. (Approximate $150 price difference currently) The video stabilization is AMAZING and having a removable battery is much nicer than having to charge the actual camera.

PS. Follow The Dainty Squid on Youtube!

string lights review

String lights. Not just any old string lights though! I own more than a few different sets of string lights, all of which are battery operated. I feel like they go through batteries like crazy and are never all that bright. These bad boys are different. First of all, they plug into an outlet. Second, they’re bright as heck. Third, they’re super long! The lights comfortably wrap all the way around my inspiration board and the excess sits in my lamp (which isn’t plugged in anymore because string lights > lamp) I truly didn’t know string lights could actually work so well. I was under the impression they were kind of just junky, pretty but not all that useful or reliable. These are different!

1 hour intense teeth whitening kit. I have been very casually looking at teeth whitening products for years now. I’d be interested in them for a few days, read tons of reviews, be unable to choose one, and then forget about it for a while. It just seems like the reviews are all so flooded with overly edited photos.

Earlier this month at Target, I impulsively bought this kit. I had very modest expectations and this product met them. I don’t feel like it made a radical difference but it definitely improved how I felt about the color of my teeth. It didn’t make them sensitive either! I’m not sure I’d buy the same one again though but only because I’m more interested in trying out their 7-day kit instead.

I guess what I’m saying is – it wasn’t life changing but it was definitely worth the twelve bucks I spent. On that note though, if you’ve had REALLY great results with another product I’d love to hear about it!

washi tape

Set of 28 washi tapes. Why am I mentioning these? Because I spent seven million years comparing prices and listings before finally pulling the trigger and grabbing these ones. Buying cheap washi tape, both online and in the store, always feels like a risk to me. I’ve bought so many non-sticky tapes that don’t even come off the roll nicely. This set was cheap and it’s actually really nice! They weren’t tiny either, each roll is 5 meters long! I use them to pack The Dainty Squid shop orders. I will absolutely reorder when I get through these ones.

Storage trolley. I was tired of breaking my back ironing fabric on the floor. A second office chair that I moved into my office to iron on gave me the idea to look for something similar but with a flat top. I loved the height and that it rolled out of the way when I didn’t need it. This printer storage trolley was the first thing I found and holy smokes, it’s perfect. I use this cutting mat on top when I want to cut and iron. It’s a great alternative to another desk in my tiny office. I don’t think anyone who makes things has ever been opposed to more surface space to work on!

Bianca Jumpsuit

One last thing purchased after I got the majority of this post done – this jumpsuit. An ad for it popped up on my instagram feed. Five minutes later, after scouring their instagram for more photos of people wearing it, I bought the jumpsuit. Happy to report back that it’s just as amazing as the site hypes it up to be. I will be wearing this alllll summer long.

Did you try/buy anything awesome in May?

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Kelley May 30, 2019 - 1:43 pm

The Bianca jumpsuit is THE. BEST! I bought it in black, and I just got the camel color! They are so comfortable, I wish it was socially acceptable to wear them everyday.

Kaylah May 30, 2019 - 9:44 pm

It IS socially acceptable to wear them every day!

Sam May 31, 2019 - 12:07 pm

I love that jumpsuit! I wish I could wear them but I can’t imagine the pressure of trying to take it off to get to the bathroom. I’m a bathroom panic person – if I can’t pee quickly… ahaha!

Kaylah June 2, 2019 - 7:52 am