things I loved in November

by Kaylah Stroup

hooded sweatshirt + matching leggings. I shared about these on my Instagram account a week or so back and joked about how wearing leggings and a matching hoodie that aren’t black feels like I’m dressed for a cult. I still haven’t changed my mind on that. It’s probably not something I’d wear out of the house. At home though? I wear them constantly. Maybe like every other day. Seriously.

Comfortable! Cute! The leggings keep their shape and don’t get baggy after all-day wear. They’ve already been worn and washed a bunch of times already yet haven’t faded. And dare I say, it’s kinda nice owning leggings that aren’t black!? (These come in black plus like eight other colors if ‘merlot’ isn’t your jam but I kinda dig the culty vibe of this color…)

This has basically been my uniform for the past month.

striped sweatshirt. It’s a cozy hoodie, what’s not to love!? When I’m not wearing the sweatshirt I mentioned above, I’m probably wearing this one.

LaPen. I am constantly on the hunt for my favorite new writing instrument. Right now it’s LaPen! I recently used one for the first time and despite the fact it was orange and who in the heck ever needs to write in orange(??!?) I was hooked. I bought myself a handful of black ones and haven’t touched another pen since.

That being said, for me, it’s always a short term thing with pens. I’m seriously always looking for the next best thing. So tell me, what’s your favorite pen? My only requirement is that it writes smoothly. (I feel like that should be a given but if so, then how are there so many pens that skip!!)

L’Oreal Paris Quick Dry Primer Spray. Not a new discovery for the month but one I ran out of and didn’t even think twice whether or not I’d repurchase. This is my favorite heat protectant spray I’ve ever tried and it’s cheap! It does its job, doesn’t make my hair greasy even when I use a bunch of it, and smells nice too.

This stuff has earned a place in the rank of products I will always have on hand and *need* to do my hair each day, like Hask Placenta.

CordaRoy queen bean bag chair. This is honestly like 85% of the reason I wanted to write this specific post. I am IN LOVE with this bad boy. It’s a bean bag chair (not actually full of those little beads you’re probably imagining but shredded foam…stuff) that comes out of the cover to turn into a queen-sized bed. Super rad, right?

I was interested at first because we always need extra seating when guests come over. When we have friends crash here I always let them sleep in our bedroom and to be honest, I hate sleeping on the floor sooo it’s pretty clear how this bean bag solves both of those problems.

In the cover, the bag is super cozy. The cats love it. Basically, if I’m not in it one of them is! Out of the bag, in the form of a queen-sized mattress, is where this product truly shines for me though. Jeff and I have this thing on our floor… almost always. It’s not exactly cute taking up our floor but gosh darn it, it’s cozy. Like the coziest thing ever. Do you love the feeling of being in a nest? Yeah? You need this baby!

They are pricey, I will be the first to admit that. You probably won’t catch me spending that much on a non-essential piece of furniture very often and to be completely transparent, I received this in exchange for providing the company with some photos BUT we love this thing so much that when it needs replaced we will absolutely purchase another without hesitation!

We’ve had this for about two months now but with the cooler weather (aka cuddle weather!) we’ve been using it like crazy lately. It’s our favorite place to curl up and watch TV in the evenings. We haven’t sat on the couch in like a month.

Welp, that was way more than I ever meant to type about one product in this post but I’m very very jazzed on this bad boy. I’m literally laying in it now typing up this post. Feel free to ask any questions you may have about it!

Dead Rising 4. I guess I should preface this by saying that I’ve never played any other Dead Rising Games. This was free to play with Xbox game pass (which isn’t free but totally worth it!) I figured I had nothing to lose by giving it a shot. Turns out I had like 72 hours to lose because that’s how long it took me to beat the game. I was, still am, obsessed. Like, play until 3 am obsessed.

Zombie games aren’t normally my jam and I’m extremely particular about video games in general. The list of games I truly love is minuscule but this one makes the cut. What I enjoy the most about it is that it’s not terribly challenging. It’s fun to just collect things, and rack up zombie kills. It’s a blast. There’s also so much comic relief mixed in that it’s not stressful (which is a huge turn off for me with games. I wanna relax, not be tense.)

I’ve already started playing a second time through just to collect everything!

What did you love in November? Anything I should be adding to my Christmas list? xoxo

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Gabbi December 6, 2019 - 2:04 am

Papermate Inkjoy 1.0mm black pens with the cap, not the clicky ends, are my holy grail pen. They are so smooth – but so hard to find in black. They come in a rainbow pack which is also really fun and nice, but I usually end up having to order the black ones on Amazon. I’m going to have to try LaPen now!

Kaylah Stroup December 6, 2019 - 9:22 am

Ah, interesting! I have a couple Papermater Inkjoys .07 with the clicky end. They were my favorite for a while! Buuut since you specified with the cap now I feel like I have to hunt down that exact pen to try.

Emma Knapton December 7, 2019 - 2:38 am

I’ve always been a gamer but since I started sewing full time I think I’ve become an even bigger gamer so I still have a hobby. My favourite game is Dragon age inquisition.
Thanks for another lovely post!
Have a great day!