rhaphidophora tetrasperma leaf timelapse

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shutter release for timelapse

Last week I did my very first multiple-day timelapse. I spotted a new leaf getting ready to emerge from my Rhaphidophora tetrasperma aka ‘mini monstera’ and figured it was a good time to try and flex my camera skills.

Y’all! I am SO excited about how it turned out. Watch below!

644 frames. Starting May 3rd at 1:13pm. Ending May 7th at 9:40am.

I set my camera to take photos every ten minutes and fifteen seconds. (The fifteen seconds were obviously not very important, that’s just what I accidentally set and decided to roll with.) I mostly use my shutter release to take selfies so it took a bit of fiddling around to make sure it was going to work as intended.

I kept my camera on manual settings so that I was able to very very very gently change settings as the sun changed throughout the day. I wasn’t super diligent, as you can see some frames are super bright, but I still wanted to be able to capture photos at all times of the day. Each evening I’d bump down my shutter speed. A lot of the night photos are around 3 second exposures. I also left lamps on all night to give off a bit of light.

If I were to do this again (which I will!) I would probably move the plant a bit further from the window. I really like being able to watch the light change and dance across the room but I could certainly do without the extreme brightness.

timelapse set up

If you happen to have one of these shutter releases or end up getting one (I highly recommend it!) my settings were –

Delay – 00:00’00”
Long – 00:00’00”
Interval (Intvl) – 00:10’15’’
N – 111

’N’ represents the number of times it will take a photo every interval. I chose 111 because I didn’t want to keep hitting the up button to make the number higher. I obviously had to restart the count a handful of times. I never let it run out though or else I’d have risked missing the shot.

Rhaphidophora tetrasperma new leaves

I’m so pleased with how the timelapse turned out. I’m excited to try again and I certainly have enough plant subjects to shoot!

sources –plantercoir pole ▴ plant ( Cleveland // online) ▴ shutter releaseCanon 35mm 1.4LCanon 6DDolica Proline tripod

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