Stapelia grandiflora bloom!

by Kaylah Stroup

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My last blog post was a plant unboxing from Nova Plantae. (Watch the video here + read the post here.) By the time I actually got around to editing and posting that video some of the information was kind of out of date. Namely the fact that the flowers that were on the plants when I received them but had died in transit had started to come back. The unboxing blog post showed photos of the brand new buds I had but I most certainly was not expecting a bloom so soon.

I’ve been so terrible about blogging lately but the fact that I am literally writing this post the same day this is happening should clue you in on just how excited I am.

First thing in the morning. I posted a photo on instagram that said “Would you hurry up already?!” around 8am.

Two hours later, I had this!

My Stapelia grandiflora has bloomed! Ahhhh! The whole reason I got into these succulents, Stapelias, is because the flowers that most produce. Large, colorful blooms… that smell like death.

No, seriously. This flower smells horrible. It has stunk up my kitchen and my living room. I actually realized it was starting to bloom because I smelled something off in the kitchen. It’s so bad I moved it close to an open window and lit incense. I bought this knowing it was produced these ‘carrion flowers’ but didn’t think it’d be something I could smell other than when up close. Noooope. This one small flower is quite odorous.

I truly wish I had smell-o-vision for you. There was a fly buzzing around it before it was even all the way open. Within ten minutes of moving it near the open window there were four flies up against the screen trying their darndest to get inside.

Still, I am so excited about this stinky flower that I keep walking near it and taking big deep breaths. I’ve examined it about five billion times. It’ll most likely be the last thing I think of before I fall asleep tonight and one of the first things in the morning. I am just totally in awe.

Consider me officially hooked. I cannot wait to get more plants that produce smelly flowers. I want a whole dang greenhouse full of them. Someday!

As previously mentioned, I bought this Stapelia grandiflora from Nova Plantae. Mine lives in a south-facing window that receives direct sunlight all afternoon. I have it planted in regular potting soil mixed with perlite and small stones to help with drainage. The pot I am using has a drainage hole drilled in the bottom. (A definite necessity for cacti and succulents! I have a tutorial on drilling here!)

Updating a mere ten minutes after hitting publish to add that I’m not quite sure this is Stapelia grandiflora. I’m leaning more toward Stapelia leendertziae at this point.

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Franee September 4, 2020 - 8:24 pm

Oh my gosh! How surprising- to be excited for finally a bloom but it stinks! Looks like a giant lily of the valley blossom. I will take note to keep this in mind with this plant!

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