half bath renovation // part one

by Kaylah Stroup

On a whim, I decided to gut my half bath.

The room I said I would wait until last to even start… I started.

Sometimes having a giant fixer upper house feels wildly overwhelming. There are a handful of big projects that just seem very out of my control. So, sometimes it’s nice to just start something you know you can knock out of the park without too too much of a hassle.

And that’s why on a random week day, midday, I decided to start demo!

This is what I started with.

Its a room Jeff and I barely ever use but our guests generally tend to choose the downstairs bathroom. Because of this the idea has always been that it’d be a massively bold room. I want guests to walk in and just be hit in the face with fun bold choices!

It feels like a fun room to experiment with. Perhaps do things I might not want to try out in a larger room for fear of how it looks. If I paint it a color I think might look rad but hate? No biggie, it’s a small room and not terrible to fix. Although, spoiler alert, I am obsessed with all my choices to far!

This was one of a couple rooms in our house that wasn’t insulated when we bought. The previous owner actually had this section of the home behind a wall and then tarped in. It was definitely a chilly room mid winter! That was why I decided to gut it completely. Otherwise, the drywall that was already hanging wasn’t in too terrible of shape. I could have removed the wallpaper and patched the walls.

BUT obviously I want to do things right! My dad and I installed insulation. It worked out that we had the perfect amount left from when we had to insulate the kitchen (another previously chilly room!)

Demo, insulation + drywall aside, let me give you a peek at the planned details!

I scored a ceiling medallion at Goodwill for a couple of bucks. I wasn’t sure where I’d end up putting it but knew that I couldn’t pass it up for the price!

I had been on the fence about the bathroom mirror that came with the house. It wasn’t love at first sight or anything but I also didn’t hate it. When I saw the roses on the medallion though? I knew I had to keep the mirror and put the medallion in the bathroom. They’re not a perfect match but they do compliment each other and I like that.

I’ve always had it in my mind that I wanted a chandelier for in here. I just love the idea of a bathroom chandelier. Its…silly? I don’t know! Just feels like a fun choice. Lucky for me, someone had removed one that was in the house previously and left it in the basement. It needed rewired but otherwise seemed to be in decent shape.

It cleaned up nicely and rewiring was a neat new skill to learn!

Here’s where I’m at now! Finished drywall, and beadboard paneling up along the bottom of the room. My dad and I made custom trim for both above the beadboard and along the bottom. The chandelier is hung and the ceiling is painted a nice moody shade! Flooring is ready to be installed and wallpaper is on it’s way here. The last thing left to choose is the color I’ll be painting the beadboard and trim.

I can’t believe it’s so far along!

Check out this reel I posted on instagram for another look at the room & everything I’ve done so far!

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