2018 birthday wishlist

by Kaylah Stroup

1. Pet hair eraser handheld vacuum. Love my pets, obviously, but really really hate their hair. The reviews on this lil things are incredible!!!
2. Tiny skull earrings. I have loved these earrings for so long, even way before I even got my lobes reconstructed. Now that I can actually wear them, I love them even more. I’m on the hunt for a pair of earrings that my sensitive ears can handle for daily wear and these would be perfect.
3. Hand push pins. At first, when I spotted these, I thought they were neat but couldn’t think of a reason I’d actually needed them since I don’t have a pin board anymore. Then I was laying on the couch and spotted small mirror that I have hanging from a push pin. It would look SO cool being held up by a tiny hand instead. I’m sure there are a few other things hanging around here that could use one too. It’s not a huge decorative piece but it’s the little things that make the most impact.
4. Have a nice day shirt. Femfetti actually has a handful of shirts I love!
5. Pink Princess Philodendron. I’m normally very chill about what plants I bring into my collection. I love browsing my local garden centers and buying what catches my attention instead of looking for very specific plants. Then I spotted this baby. I need to find one. I hunted around online a bit and couldn’t find any that were affordably priced and in stock. I don’t want someone to buy me an overpriced one, I want the garden center gods to leave me one at my favorite store. Fat chance but a girl can dream!
6. Winking pillow. I have loved this pillow for so long.
7. Polaroid cube frame. I’ve been shooting more instant film than ever and of course, struggle with how to display them properly. I have a bunch of photo albums but it’d be nice to actually show them off instead of tucking them away.
8. iPad. Totally not a necessary investment for me but gosh darn it, I want one.
9. Earring rack. Still leaning toward this as the best way to display/organize my collection of earrings.
10. Gale’s Garden Center gift card. A gift card to my favorite garden center!
11. Polaroid film, of course. Film is always a great present idea for me but after acquiring the new Polaroid One Step Two it’s basically the best present idea. I have a completely renewed loved for film. It’s basically all I want to shoot right now. I’m also digging the pastel color frames.
12. Frozen Charlotte dolls. Grew up terrified of dolls, now I actively collect the creepiest ones. I love tiny porcelain ones. The smaller the better. Ya know, so I can maximize the collection without taking up a ton of space.
13. Mrs. Meyer’s Hand Lotion. I’m a huge fan of Mrs. Meyer’s cleaning products but only recently realized they also had lotion! I’ve gotta have some. I also totally wouldn’t mind a bunch of her multi-surface everyday cleaner in an assortment of scents.
14. This puzzle. I LOVE puzzles.

twenty-seven – last year’s birthday photos

Feels like I just wrote one of these posts but I guess it’s been a year already! The wedding has consumed my thoughts for the last eight months. (Yes, still consuming my thoughts now too even though it already happened!) Now, all of a sudden, it’s almost my birthday. I am very excited. I’m looking forward to picking out a birthday dress, treating myself to an awesome day, forcing my friends to ride bikes all day long, and of course, I always enjoy making up a wishlist.

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