5 things I loved in August

Baggu reusable shopping bag. I’ve seen Baggu’s bags floating around the internet for ages. I always thought the patterns were cute but due to the high number of tote type bags I already own, purchasing one just wasn’t at the top of my list. I finally got my hands on one this month aaaand I already went ahead and grabbed a second one. It’s such a beautiful, well made bag. I’ve used it on a few trips to the store so far, as well as using it to hold a whole bunch of snacks on our last roadtrip. It’s roomy yet folds up small. It’s even easy to get back into the flat pouch it comes in! It’s just perfect. I don’t know how many of them I actually need but goodness knows I want to buy a few more.

Donut shaped vase. This last year I’ve found a lot of joy collecting random plants from my very small yard. #kaylahfindsflowers! It can be a challenge to present such a small amount of blooms and filler items but this strange little vase changes everything. I love how unique it is!

Skull earrings by Datter. Didn’t take long at all after getting my ears pierced to figure out that they’re sensitive. I can wear earrings of any material for most of the day but by the end of the day they start to get itchy. I needed something me for everyday wear. For my birthday, my parents got me these sterling silver earrings I’ve been crushing on since before I even got my earlobes reconstructed. So far, so good! There was a part of me that was nervous skull earrings would be a little weird as my everyday earrings but they’re so sweet and dainty you probably wouldn’t notice them unless you were really looking.

NCLA I Been Drinkin’. I received this nail polish in my August Glossybox. It was my first time trying NCLA… and I’m in love! Perhaps not my first choice for a color (although, I must admit, I LOVE IT on my nails!) it applies beautifully, dries quickly and hasn’t chipped yet. I’m gonna need this baby blue shade next!

Winking face pillow. Another wonderful present from my parents. I’ve admired this pillow from afar for such a long time. The second I put it on my couch it just looked right. I guess because I’d been thinking about it for so long? I love it. I actually regret not getting it sooner. If it’s been on your list as well, just go for it already!

The Dainty Squid

Did you try/buy anything awesome this last month?

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  • Hi Kaylah, if you’re ears are sensitive you can try a coat of clear nail polish on your earring hooks. Sometimes it works wonders.:)


  • I have that face pillow too and I also waited forever but never regretted it! I know it’s everywhere but it’s just too perfect. I may have to get those teeny skull earrings – I actually have my ears triple pierced but stopped wearing earrings years ago because my ears are also so sensitive (I can’t wear anything impure for even a few minutes without them getting infected) and it became a pain. But these are too cute and I love how tiny they are!