Friday Favorites #533

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Would you just look at this ridiculous kitty costume!? Tickey Bootique has all kinds of silly photos, perfect if you need a smile.

This skirt! Perfect for fall.

Squirrel sweater! That’d actually look super cute with skirt above.

For anyone out there looking to make friends who also like cryptids!

My recent adventures in dump digging (read about those here) have me obsessed with bottles. I would absolutely scream if I dug up a poison bottle like this! Also – a green one + a red one! Ahhh!

LOVING this dress! I’m picturing it paired with a jean jacket and some boots.

Okay but how rad is this bronze tooth mold!?

19 boxy bags hit the shop earlier this week, including some awesome ‘Halloween’ themed fabrics. (Halloween in quotes because I like bones and things all year long!) Seriously, how rad is this glow in the dark one?!

I seriously just love Joules raincoats so much. This starry one is perfection. I’m still a fan of this bee one too!

Professor’s bow tie is looking a little rough these days so I was browsing for a new one (because he can never go back to being naked now!) and spotted this one. Isn’t that the cutest!?

Aren’t these rings beautiful!?

Link love…

Happy Friday! xoxo

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