10 things making me smile

by Kaylah Stroup

Convincing others to beach comb with me! Took my sister-in-law ninety-eight years to finally get up here and now she wants to come every week! YES!

Beachcombing Lake Erie

All the tiny treasures from the lake.

Beach pottery from Lake Erie

This plant, still!

This weirdo. Yes, he absolutely got in there himself.

Hitting the four leaf clover jackpot.

Then finding a second four leaf clover jackpot with my nieces and nephew a couple days later!

Mother’s Day Flowers from my dad. “But Dad, I’m not a mom!” “You’re Klaus’s mom!”

Finally, finally, fiiiinally getting into video. Even if it feels wildly overwhelming right now, its fun to have something new to learn.

New string lights that make my whole office feel new. Lighting is everything, y’all.

This toad princess!

Other good things; Sunshine & warm weather ▴ random texts from my teenage niece (I just desperately want to be ‘the cool aunt’, okay?) ▴ getting in the habit of baking cookies every week for my family ▴ talking about all the fun trips we’ll take in the bus ▴ cool mornings with the windows open ▴ Klaus playing in the mud!!Professor playing with a donut! ▴ being less than a month away from being back in my favorite place in the world ▴ the fact that Jeff & I will be celebrating one year of marriage in 20 days

What’s making you smile today?

PS. Can’t recommend this gratitude journal enough!

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