project 365 : days 93 – 99

93 : 365 Office vibes.

94 : 365 Send help, I can’t resist a good notepad. TJ Maxx always has the hook up!

95 : 365 My favorite shirt by Daisy Natives. I love the smiles I get from other ladies when I wear it. Also, lemme just comment on how much I loooove this lipstick. It’s so good!!

96 : 365 This planter and air plant are a match made in heaven.

97 : 365 The relationship Jeff and Professor have melts my heart. They are seriously the absolute cutest.

98 : 365 I’m still not tired of the rainbows this sun catcher creates. I love that the rainbows move across the room as the sun moves across the sky. Its always fun to catch them somewhere new.

And here’s my puppy, once again making that face that Jenny’s roommate makes in Forrest Gump. (Here if you need a refresher.)

99 : 365 More Klaus! Jeff was sick all weekend and spent the majority of time snoozing on the couch Klaus kept him company THE WHOLE TIME. It was really, really sweet. I truly think pets know when you need a little extra lovin’. I’ve also never met a dog that loved to cuddle as much as this huge dork.

Happy Monday! Hope your week is off to an awesome start.


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