project 365 : days 128 – 134

128 : 365 Afternoon rainbows. You guys, I swear, this sun catcher was one of the best things I’ve ever purchased. I basically take pictures of the rainbows it produces every single day. You can read more about my sun catcher in this post.

129 : 365 Mason’s Creamery for an afternoon treat. Spice baklava ice cream with churros. It was a faaaabulous combination.

cleveland ice cream, masons creamery, churros

130 : 365 I finally got my paws on a huge frame which means I definitely shot photos of my office to share with you later this week.

you go girl graffiti print, witch hands, hugo girl

131 : 365 Remember how in a recent Friday Favorites post I shared that link to the twelve air plants plus fertilizer for just $22? Yeah, that happened. I’m so stoked! They’re all different, and one is even flowering right now!!!

deer skull, air plant display

132 : 365 Bikes with my boys! The first photo was taken after hopping up on to the sidewalk to walk instead of bike so we could pick up all the random loose change we were finding on the street. We made it a little game to see who could find the most. I found a total of thirty-six cents but Jeff still won.

state bicycle, pink fixed gear, hot pink fixie

133 : 365 Jeff took me out for donuts, from Peace, Love and Little Donuts, before I had to head to the flower shop for the day. I don’t think I’m ever going to get over how amazing these donuts are. They’re always so hot and fresh. The one in the top right corner was apple pie, and it was incredible.

134 : 365 Mother’s Day at my parent’s house – Klaus & my dad (forever melting my heart when they’re together!), tiny things shot with my macro lens, & a baby flying squirrel.

Hope your week is off to a wonderful start. I’ve got the rest of the week here on the blog queued up since I’ll be a little preoccupied watching the sunrise in ghost towns, and hunting for ocean life along the coast. If you’re not already following along on instagram, it might be a good time to start! 😉

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  • Uuuuuh!!! A baby squirrel!!! I also adore those macro lens pics. After reading your “My equipment”-post recently I checked out different kind of lenses online and was shocked how damn expensive they are. Now I want to look around in camera shops, if I can just borrow lenses for a days fee. Your photos are so inspiring and make me want to improve my own skills.

    • There are definitely bunches of places to rent lenses. It’s an awesome way to try them out.

      Thank you so much! 🙂