project 365 : days 135 – 141

135 : 365 The only photo I took last Monday. I spent the day frantically packing, trying to relax by playing Zelda, and then… FLYING!

136 : 365 First whole vacation day! These are some random shots from Nevada. I’m always excited by tumbleweeds.

137 : 365 Perkins Park in Pacific Grove, California.

138 : 365 A wonderful scenic overview along the coast. Technically this wasn’t the overview but Jeff and I wandered around the tracks, and I even dipped underneath them to a neat little secret beach.

139 : 365 Sunrise at an abandoned building after the worst night’s sleep at a rest area. Well, maybe not the worst but it certainly wasn’t a cozy night’s sleep.

140 : 365 Ground squirrels are honestly one of my favorite things about California. Later this day we actually drove out of our way to visit a spot that was supposed to be overrun with squirrels. I definitely have more photos to share with you on another day!

141 : 365 Soaking my plant babies after a week away.

Whew! What a week. If you haven’t been following along on instagram, you may have missed the fact that I’ve been away. Jeff and I took a spur of the moment vacation… and it was awesome! We did so much! I have 2,000+ photos to sort through and edit. I have lots and lots to share over the next few weeks. I’m so excited to show y’all the amazing stuff I saw!


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