project 365 : days 219 – 224

219 : 365 I bet people who don’t constantly rearrange things have so much time on their hands. Only half joking here because, wow, I spend a lot of time scooting furniture and plants around. I really love those plants by the bookshelf! I’m sure in another month I’ll find an even better place for them though. …Because that’s just how it goes.

220 : 365 16.5 miles around the city. Not too shabby for a week night, eh?

221 : 365 Things on and near my desk. (teeth can be found here)

222 : 365 These planters and rainbows are some of my favorite things in my living room.

223 : 365 Pineapple shoes! Perfect to add a little flair to any outfit! (These exact ones are no longer available but I found a similar pair!)

224 : 365 Jeff and I found a record number of geocaches on Saturday! 18! Wooo! I honestly cannot stop thinking of geocaching. You know when you play a video game for too long and then when you close your eyes its what you see? Well, basically that is happening to me. The last few nights when I lay down and close my eyes before falling asleep I’m picturing walking around with my phone out shouting to Jeff how many feet it says I am away from the cache.

Other than geocaching, we also went to estate sales on Saturday! I haven’t been to one in far too long. I couldn’t resist this one though, promising tons of taxidermy. Despite getting there right as the doors opened, I watched a bunch of old men grab everything I wanted. Oh well. I did come home with a set of mounted horns and this very creepy porcelain baby. At first I just thought he’d look neat on a shelf in my living room but now I honestly want a whole collection of them.

Hope your week is off to an excellent start!

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  • I’ve been reading your blog for a few years but I’ve always been too shy to comment. But I’m gonna suck it up this time because me and my sister are going geocaching tomorrow and I was wondering if you have any tips or tricks to share. We’re not very good at it. We’ve been geocaching since 2011 (we used to use a car GPS before we had smart phones) and we’ve only found 15 in all..super pathetic lol!
    Your blog is so fun and I look forward to reading everyday. Klaus is awesome..and I really enjoy your cemetery posts.

    • I’m a few days late seeing this, sorry about that! Hopefully you found lots and lots of them! I think the key is just to be persistant. Keep lookin! You can’t give up after not finding it immediately.

      • We found five yesterday, the most we ever found in one day! Thanks for the advice.. you’re right, persistence (and patience) is the key! Also, we were in the forest so we looked for broken branches and spaces that looked disturbed. I can’t wait until we get as good as you and Jeff 🙂

  • I also spend far too much time rearranging my belongings. I can’t complain as it is my choice to collect so many different things – and I do love everything I own – but it’s very difficult to find permanent homes for many things.

    I do think I’m doing a better job at utilising the small space I have though, which is always a plus. Besides, constantly rearranging things is a great way to keep your home feeling new and exciting!

    Indya ||

  • Haha, I have lived in my house for five years and never re-arranged once. Maybe I should give it a try! That little porcelain baby is so creepy/cute!