project 365 : days 225 – 231

225: 365 Jeff and I went over to visit my parents and hang out for a while. After some convincing my mom let me pick some flowers from her garden to make a bouquet. Arranging whatever I can get my hands on is one of my favorite things in the world. I can’t wait to have space for a garden some day. I’m gonna grow alllllllll the dang flowers!!

226 : 365 Another estate sale find from last week. I haven’t been going to very many lately but one advertising tons of taxidermy was too much for me to resist. I didn’t manage to get my hands on what I really wanted (a squirrel!) but I did come home with these. They’re perfect for my living room and were the perfect push to finally get things hung on the last empty wall in that room.

More living room stuff! For my birthday my parents got me this really rad light. I had the perfect spot for it above a bookcase. Seriously, my living room went up about ten cool point this last week. It feels like it’s finally time for a full living room tour.

227 : 365 My internet was down (come to find out the line had apparently ripped out by a large vehicle that drove by!) so I decided to use my time wisely and go explore new cemeteries. I hit five new to me cemeteries all before noon. I took a handful of photos in each but only shot one for the blog. I’m very excited to share those photos later this week.

228 : 365Β  I shot some photos of my new Athleta goods, and ended up feeling inspired to write a big long post on body image. I finished it in one sitting, which isn’t normally something I do. I wanted to hit publish right away but felt a bit self conscious, as I always do with really personal posts. I’m excited/nervous to re-read it today and most likely queue it up for later this week.Β  On a slightly different note, this sweater is beyond cozy. Looking forward to living in it this fall.

229 : 365 Sunset from my living room window.

230 : 365 I took one photo of my dinner at like 10pm and it is so bad I’d rather pretend I didn’t take any photos on this day.

231 : 365 August 19th was International Geocaching Day. Jeff and I spent our morning out driving around looking for them and then later in the day we met up with my brother and his wife for dinner and more geocaching. All in all, we found fourteen total!

Hope your week is off to a great start!

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