project 365 : days 267 – 273

267 : 365 Just looking real cute in a striped dress. Check out more photos + full outfit details here.

268 : 365 Whoops, I bought a new plant. Those leaves are just so darn pretty.

269 : 365 Bag explorers! Why is everything these little kitties do the absolute cutest?!

270 : 365 I’m working on a post with HelloFresh right now, and I can’t say enough nice things. This was Wednesday night’s meal, sesame beef tacos. I’m so excited to share more and you should probably get stoked too because there will be a giveaway!

271 : 365 Professor is forever getting in my shots, and I’d have it no other way.

272 : 365 What’s that? MORE PLANTS. Despite my planter‘s sad face, this plant is doing so well. It’s gotten so big in the last two weeks.

273 : 365 It’s like 100x more fall at my parents house than in the city. It’s wonderful, and made me immediately want to go home, clean, light all the fall scented candles, and relax. Anyway, I tried to take outfit photos while we were there but ultimately wasn’t pleased with more these two. How cute is this cardigan though!? I had it on my wishlist for a really long time and decided it was time to finally scoop it up.

Happy Monday! Hope your week is off to an excellent start.


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