office tour 2020

At the beginning of every year, I like to completely clean my office. A fresh start! This little ritual first started as me just taking everything off my bulletin board and starting over but over the last few years has turned into cleaning out the whole room. It feels so good… even if I do mess it up again almost immediately.

It’s also been a really good excuse to photograph and document whatever room I’m calling my office at the time. I love to redecorate so things around here never really look the same for too long.

We’re currently in the process of house hunting so hopefully, as much as I love this tiny room, it’ll be my last year in here. That makes this post extra special. I’ve loved this room immensely for the last couple of years.

arranged my whole memo board around this gorgeous calendar!

took forever but I’m so happy to have finally found the perfect place to hang that muscle dude!

My office is quite honestly a minimalist’s nightmare. There is a lot of stuff jammed in there! Obviously, if I had the option it wouldn’t be so packed but all of the furniture in there is kind of a necessity for the things I do in that room. A sewing desk, a computer desk, shelving for fabric, storage drawers for products for the shop and a rolling cart I cut fabric on (luckily that fits under the sewing desk when not in use.)

Everything above (except for the photo in the right side of the collage) is on the computer side of my office. Last year for Christmas my parents bought me a desk for my sewing machine which I set up on the opposite wall. All the photos below are from the sewing side of my office.

photo shelves
sewing desk
computer desk is from World Market
moon calendar
cactus neon light
color LE
D lights behind the computer (buy some, they rule!)
string lights
grid memo board is a repurposed dog crate (read more here!) Here’s an affordable one if you’re on the hunt!
large witchy hand print is by Hugo Gyrl, found at Glitter Box.
rainbows made with crystals (read more here!)
small round mirror is from Target a while back (here’s a similar one)
anything else – just ask!

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  • This is AMAZING! I love your office, I work from a dinky but pretty office in my house too and it feels great to work from somewhere you’ve really made your own doesn’t it? Can I ask where the torso up on the wall is from?

    • Oh absolutely! Sometimes I wish I could work in a big, clean, open office but working in some place jammed with my supplies and the things I love is truly what makes me happy!

      It’s from a cool little shop that sells a whole bunch of weird stuff. They have like old clothes, cameras, and my favorite – weird old medical stufff! That torso was a lucky $18 find! 🙂

  • What a beautiful space. I love seeing a peek into where people work – and I can’t wait to create a space like this of my own when I’m able to move out one day! I love the rainbows made by crystals – and spotting you waving in some of the photos. SO SWEET.