five favorite corners of my home

by Kaylah Stroup

Inspiration for this post struck after snapping a photo of a corner of our living room that I really love. (Below!) I just adore this apartment. There are so many little areas that I can’t get enough of. If you follow me on instagram (@thedaintysquid) you might already be familiar with a lot of these spots because they’re ones I tend to photograph time and time again.

① I recently rearranged this corner and was instantly smitten! This medical man is one of my all-time best secondhand scores. I have never once, for even a second, considered giving him up but there have definitely been times where I’ve had trouble displaying him in a way that really showed off just what an awesome piece he is. The second I put him here, just to see what it would look like, I knew he was staying put.

That shot is basically a summary of everything I love about our living room. My favorite plant, the beautiful blue couch, taxidermy, and my medical man – all things that make our space unique & perfect for us! The only thing missing is a pet – I guarantee one was just out of frame though…

② Technically not all that far away from the shot above but a totally different view. Wherever my curiosity cabinet happens to be will always earn bonus points from me but I feel like I picked some really fun stuff for on top! And that little shelf of knick knacks above it? I’M OBSESSED. Jeff and I have lots of weird little odds and ends so having that style of shelf to display them on has been perfect. I’m able to rearrange all the time, there’s always things coming and going.

③  This view of my desk is one I really, really love. I think a lot of it has to do with that cactus neon lamp, my colorful keyboard, and of course, my wire memo board. (Still one of the easiest + best DIYs ever!) After arranging about seventy three times in this room I think I’ve finally found the perfect layout. My desk is on the shortest wall in the room which makes for the coziest workspace. I love being in here.

Just look how perfect it looks when it’s dark outside!

bird leg table!

④ The casually color organized books, that skull, the face planters, and goodness gracious, the bird leg table! This area has been one of my favorites since right after we moved in. It’s had more than a handful of different arrangements but the general idea has stayed the same – colorful books + plants.

Something I really enjoy about this view is the great evening lighting it gets. Those specks of light from the disco ball are just the tip of the iceberg. There’s usually major rainbows too! We normally don’t hang out in here until evening so it’s almost like it’s waiting on us to be it’s best.

⑤ Last but certainly not least, our kitchen table. Jeff and I went so long without having a table! Neither of us had one before we lived together either so it felt really special to purchase one together, even if it was just a tiny one. I love eating breakfast here, and dog watching while I work from my laptop. Slowly but surely it’s being taken over by plants, and that just makes me love it a little more. The way the sun shines in through that window means the room is almost always filled with rainbows or beautiful specks of light from my disco ball. It’s just lovely.

How about you – where are your favorite corners of your home & why?

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Two more favorite views – this one of the TV + the globes!