doolan family bus – pt 5

Bus update time! Check out previous bus conversion posts here – 1, 2, 3 & 4.

Another Sunday of bus work in the books! My sister in law and I concentrated on making cushions from the original seats. My dad and husband worked installing the water tank and getting it all ready for the toilet & sink. All while my brother started building the back wall!

Just the addition of those few boards for the wall makes the bus seem so different! I still have a hard time envisioning all the wood finished, and what it’ll look like with the sliding door, counters, cushions, etc but I can now see the basic layout. (Well, shoot, I’d hope so since it’s mostly done in that sense!) It starting to feel real!

In this week’s video I tried to talk a bit at the end so check it out, and let me give you a little tour of the bus! The video also includes some bonus footage shot by my ten year old niece. So cute!

I know I hit you with the same thing every week, “it’s coming along sooo fast!” But really, isn’t it!? xoxo

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