A few of my favorite posts from 2019

2019 was a weird year. Easily my least favorite year ever. There were massive highs but the biggest low I can imagine, I lost my mom. I tried so hard to think of a way to avoid talking about it in this recap but what can I say? It definitely shaped my year.

In 2019, The Dainty Squid shop became my main focus. The blog took a bit of a backseat. I apologize. I definitely miss writing here daily and hope to get back into a routine soon.

All that to say, I feel like this year’s favorite posts round-up is a bit different than normal. I’ve broken it down into categories! I wasn’t so sure at first, mostly doing a recap out of the fact that I knew if I didn’t have one to look back at I’d be mad but I’m really excited about how this turned out. Hope you’re ready to catch up on some posts you may have missed!

Some favorite posts featuring abandoned places…

Two Guns, AZ

abandoned church

Slug Bug Ranch

abandoned school

Also, the abandoned trailer park (becoming an annual thing now!), and the Anasazi Inn. Fort Courage was also pretty amazing. I’m still digging my photos from that waterlogged mattress factory too!

I made some cool posts that had accompanying videos…

curiosity cabinet video tour

2019 road trip video!

our homemade zipline

I also made a handful of hair videos that proved to be pretty popular. I enjoy talking about hair and it’s already fun to be able to look back on the changes I’ve made. Here’s when I went from green to red, when the saltwater pool stripped my color, when I touched it up with orange and pink, and when I finally went blue!

I did some monthly recaps…

raise hell eat tacos shirt

I wrote about grief…

my mother’s plantsgrief & road tripsI cry over four leaf cloversgrieving in the digital agethe greatest loss six months & six things I want to tell you.

Let’s end on a high note, miscellaneous posts that make me happy…

Mountainview Cemetery + Wild Horses

Vincent Baptist Church Cemetery

found on the beach

a letter to 2014 Kaylah

dump digging treasures

my favorite desert oasis – the wigwam

I am SO ready for 2020. Let’s go! xoxo

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  • Last year was definitely awful and my heart goes out to you and your family! Totally understandable that you leaned more towards your business and took a break from blogging (I did the same) but if you start blogging more regularly I ain’t gonna complain 😛

    Happy new year!! x